ABOUT "DJ Ed" Anderson:  "My love for all types of good music goes back into my childhood. That love and the desire to share my music with others are major reasons why I decided to become a mobile DJ. During my lifetime, I’ve also worn several other hats including husband, parent, engineer, musician, teacher and Christian. All of those experiences have affected the way I think about the music that I make available to my audiences: which songs to add to my catalog, which songs to reject and which songs to play (or not to play even if requested) for which audiences."

MAKIN' TRACKS has performed for numerous types of formal and informal events, including:

  ♫  Dances for adults,  teenagers and children
  ♫  Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  ♫  Class reunions
  ♫  Private parties
  ♫  Swimming pool parties
  ♫  Car shows 

The MT music inventory includes thousands of songs, spanning the decades going back into the 1930's and forward into the 21st Century.  We will bring a large music library and our own complete, high-quality sound system to your event location.  

We work together with our customers to create customized musical programs that enhance the enjoyment of any occasion.  During our performances, we are happy to make announcements on behalf of our customers and we welcome musical requests from the audience.  

If you're serious about your good times, we'd love to hear from you.  Please write, call or e-mail for more information about MAKIN' TRACKS.  Our contact information is shown at the top of this page.   

                                                QUALITY SOUND SYSTEM...
                                                                                               REASONABLE RATES!"

109 Woodberry Lane 
Lynchburg, VA 24502 
Phone:  434-473-3139 
e-mail:  pande71@comcast.net 
Hello and welcome from "DJ" Ed Anderson (Lynchburg's "Original DJ Ed")  Thank you for visiting my web site.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or comments about Makin' Tracks or this website.